TD AMERITRADE Introduces Fixed-Income Investment Tool

TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation, introduced Bond Wizard, a tool to help investors find bonds and certificates of deposits (CDs) or build a bond ladder.

TD AMERITRADE said that in a poll of its clients, 37% indicated they were more likely to diversify their portfolio to include fixed income today than they were six months ago.

“Recently we’ve seen investors turn to various fixed income investments for stability, yield and liquidity,’ said Bill Vulpis, managing director, Investment Product Management, TD AMERITRADE, in a news release. “Many are overwhelmed by the task of choosing bonds and CDs across various maturities. But just as asset allocation is important for an investor’s entire portfolio, the diversification of products and maturities also helps manage volatility during uncertain times.’

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Bond Wizard can help investors narrow the search for bonds and other fixed-income investments. Investors follow a step-by-step process to find the bonds and CDs that meet their specified criteria, according to the release.

Bond Wizard can also help investors build a bond ladder, which is an investment strategy of investing in an assortment of bonds and CDs that mature at regular intervals. Depending on the investments, interest payments can be set in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual intervals to potentially provide investors with a source of income. Investors can select from one of TD AMERITRADE’s pre-packaged bond ladders or build one of their own, TD AMERITRADE said.

Interested investors should contact Tim Nowell, director, investor relations, at or 402.597.8440.