Tag: Nevin Adams

IMHO: Business as Usual

Like many, perhaps most, Americans, I have viewed the unraveling “Bonusgate″ scandal with a mixture of disgust and incredulity.

IMHO: A Good Deal?

A survey published this past week by Fidelity noted that workers cited health insurance, retirement savings plan matching contributions, and dental insurance as the three most important benefits, with health insurance ranking as No. 1.

IMHO: “Passing″ on the Ammunition

A couple of months ago, I started getting e-mails from readers curious about the announcements of plans reducing and/or suspending their matching contributions.

IMHO: Trust “Company″

I saw an interesting event headline the other day. It said simply, “Trust is an economic stimulus package.″

IMHO: Anything’s Possible

I’ve spent most of my life, certainly my adult life, confident that Americans, certainly in large part, are reasonable and rational.

IMHO: "Spreading" the Wealth

In one of the more memorable sound bytes of the Presidential campaign just past, candidate Obama tried to explain the rationale underpinning his economic philosophy as a belief that we should “spread the wealth.″

IMHO: Somebody’s Got To Pay

Much has been made in recent weeks over the so-called Ponzi scheme foisted on the investing public by Bernie Madoff.

IMHO: Executive “Order″

Those who had been waiting anxiously (or nervously) for that final wave of regulations from the Department of Labor will have (get?) to wait a bit longer, it appears.

IMHO: Trend Spotting

Here’s a headline you won’t see this week: “Nobody Cut Their 401(k) Match Today.″