Symetra Unveils Guaranteed Income Products

Symetra Life Insurance Company announced the availability of its Stability Suite.

A news release said the products provide guaranteed interest rate returns, market risk-proof reliability, and income protection.

The Stability Suite includes, according to a press release:

  • The Advantage Income Annuity that is designed to reduce financial risks. A one-time purchase locks in guaranteed income payments including a lifetime income stream option. Retirees can schedule regular pay increases and take withdrawals as often as every 36 months without incurring surrender fees.
  • The Custom Fixed Annuities that help build tax-deferred retirement savings. The products’ fixed interest rates do not fluctuate based on the markets.

“With ongoing economic uncertainty, people want simpler financial solutions and more secure ways to build savings,” said Rich Lindsay, senior vice president of the Life & Annuities division at Symetra Financial, in the release. “Symetra’s Stability Suite meets the needs of increasingly risk-averse consumers and helps guard against financial market turmoil.”

More information is available at