Swiss Co. to Offer Sustainable Asset Management Strategies to U.S. Investors

Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) is expected to make its Sustainable Water, Sustainable Climate, and Global Sustainability strategies available to U.S. institutional and retail investors by the end of the year.

SAM’s strategies promote investing in companies at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative technologies and solutions for natural resource sustainability, according to a press release. SAM’s core offering includes innovative theme investment strategies such as water and climate change, geared to sophisticated institutional and retail investors.

“Growing concerns about the long-term impacts of climate change, the need for alternative energy, the scarcity of natural resources such as water are among the many examples of sustainability issues that have captured the attention of institutional and private investors worldwide,” said Reto Ringger, founder and CEO of SAM, in the press release.

SAM launched the family of Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) in 1999 to track the performance of more than 1,000 companies that are industry leaders in terms of sustainability.

The Zurich, Switzerland-based firm has $11.8 billion in assets under management and index licenses, and teamed up with Robeco Group last year.

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