SunTrust Introduces Free Retirement Savings Consult

SunTrust Banks has introduced GamePlan, a free service to help individuals understand their needs in retirement and overcome procrastination about retirement planning.

The service features a free 30-minute telephone consultation with a licensed SunTrust retirement specialist who can tell a person when they can afford to retire, how big their nest egg needs to be, and where they stand regarding their retirement goals.

“Planning for retirement ranks up there with preparing your taxes or a will on a list of things people put off,” said Ken Yarbrough, Senior Vice President, Director of Retirement Strategies at SunTrust, in a news release. “They know it’s something they need to do, but it is usually perceived as a daunting, cumbersome task. GamePlan is a quick, free and easy way to get started. And it’s important to note that this service is provided by a live, trained consultant who will work with you and make suggestions. It’s not a ‘do-it-yourself’ online service or calculator.”

More information is available at or by calling 1-866-589-8220.