Stadion Target-Date CITs Go 'Flex'

Stadion Money Management rebranded its series of target-date collective investment trusts (CITs).

The target-date product line, sponsored by the Benefit Trust Company, is now known as the Stadion Flex Target Date CIT Series. The new title incorporates the word “Flex” to reflect a more active market risk management style, according to Tim McCabe, senior vice president and national sales director for Stadion’s retirement solutions business.  

“Adding just one word to the names may not seem like much of a change, but, in fact the ‘Flex’ component of the product is what distinguishes the Stadion Flex Target Date CIT Series from seemingly similar products,” McCabe said.  

McCabe said the flex strategy will occasionally result in situations when either equity or fixed-income allocations will be over-weighted within the series’ portfolios, as determined by Stadion’s defensive growth philosophy.

Stadion utilizes exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as the primary underlying investment vehicle in the CITs to take advantage of diverse market segments and to provide additional transparency and liquidity.

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