S&P Changes Include Expansion of Global Equity Index

The S&P /Citigroup Global Equity Indices will be combined with the S&P /IFCG and Frontier Index Series to form the S&P Global Equity Indices.

According to a release from Standard & Poor’s, the index series goes live October 1, and will provide coverage of 12,400 companies in 83 countries throughout the world. S&P said it made the decision following extensive market consultation and in recognition of the increased investor interest and liquidity in the emerging and frontier markets.

In addition, Standard & Poor’s announced a series of changes that will impact the methodologies of the S&P/Citigroup Global Equity, S&P Emerging Market and S&P Frontier Indices, including:

Effective October 1, Standard & Poor’s will redefine the size splits of the S&P Global country indexes into a 70%, 15%, and 15% split, representing the large, mid, and small cumulative available capital level in each country.

The current Primary Market Index (“PMI”) will be replaced by the new S&P Large-Mid Cap Index, representing 85% of the cumulative available capital (15% of which will be represented by the new S&P Mid-Cap Index), and the current Extended Market Index (“EMI”) will be replaced by the new S&P Small Cap Index, representing the remaining 15% of the cumulative available capital.

Effective November 1 the S&P Emerging BMI Index, will become the continuation of the original S&P/Citigroup Emerging index, which already excludes South Korea. In addition, S&P will offer the S&P Emerging BMI Plus, which will include South Korea.

The premier, liquid and investable emerging market index, the S&P/IFCI, will retain its name. The Index will be a subset of the S&P Emerging BMI Plus Index and will continue to include Korea, as well as other existing markets.

The newly enhanced S&P Frontier BMI Index will include additional 11 markets for a total of 35 markets. The methodology for inclusion and deletion from this index will remain unchanged.

A paper detailing the changes can be accessed at www.standardandpoors.com/indices.