SEI Offers Distribution Service for Advisers

SEI has launched Distribution-Focused Strategies (DFS), which enables advisers to provide clients with consistent distribution levels for retirement.

An SEI news release said DFS, which is available to more than 6,500 SEI advisers, aligns clients’ available assets with life goals. The new product actively manages a portfolio of mutual funds to generate a consistent level of distribution for investors. The company said advisers determine distribution levels through a discovery process developed by SEI and customized to the advisers ‘ individual style. The announcement said DFS also features asset allocation.

“Today’s clients want a retirement that suits their lifestyles and the changes they’ll face — traditional products alone just can’t do that,” said Kevin Barr, Senior Managing Director, Program Development, SEI Advisor Network, in the news release.

In a 2007 survey conducted by the SEI Advisor Network, reported that the number one reason for loss of clients is “unrealistic expectations,” while “lack of communication” ranked number two. The company said the new offering helps advisers communicate an investment approach they can explain to clients in a realistic manner.