Security About Retirement Ticks Up

Overall, Americans are more secure than one year ago about their ability to retire comfortably, a survey found.

According to the COUNTRY Financial Security Index, 58% of Americans are confident in their ability to retire comfortably, compared to 54% who said so last June. However, those nearing retirement (ages 50 to 64) are more pessimistic about their financial security.  

At 38%, Baby Boomers were the least likely of any age group to rate their financial security positively. This is down two points from December.  

Married Americans are more confident in all aspects of their financial security, compared to their unwed counterparts. Forty-nine percent of married Americans rate their overall level of financial security positively, compared to 36% of unmarried Americans.  

Married couples are also more confident in their ability to retire comfortably (63% vs. 51%). They are also more likely to save (56% vs. 47%) and say their financial security is getting better (24% vs. 18%).  

The COUNTRY Index was created by COUNTRY Financial and is compiled by Rasmussen Reports, LLC, an independent research firm, based on a national telephone and online survey of at least 3,000 Americans.