Securities America Introduces Mobile Office Tool

Securities America Inc. is releasing an application called e*Office Mobile, which allows advisers mobile access to business enterprise systems using smartphone or tablet technology. 

The company rolled out e*Office Mobile for smartphone and tablet technology, including iPads, iPhones, and Androids, free to all Securities America advisers. A group of Securities America offices began testing the program earlier this year.

“Thanks to the new e*Office Advantage Mobile application, any images scanned by the home office or uploaded by advisers can be securely retrieved on mobile devices from almost anywhere,” said Doreen Griffith, Securities America chief information officer. “Extending these paperless options through mobile devices will increase efficiency and provide on-demand access to those documents.”

The application also allows full access to National Financial Services and Pershing clearing platforms through the Securities America server. Although the primary objective was to deliver access for business growth purposes, Securities America kept a strong focus on data security, Griffith said.

“As devices are evaluated, some show promise from a functionality standpoint but do not completely address the need to prevent sensitive client data from being at risk if the device was lost or stolen,” she said. “A big component of the decision for this e*Office Mobile solution was because no data is transferred directly onto the device. Because of the secure method of delivering access, we have confidence that client data will not be at risk through use of the application.”