Securian Offers Managed Account Using ETFs

Securian Financial Services has unveiled a managed account product that uses exchange-traded fund (ETF) index investments along with strategic and tactical asset allocations.

A Securian news release about its Securian Signal product said the portfolios will be managed by XTF Advisors, which uses a tactical asset allocation model that monitors the economy and the markets. When economic signals are right, the model makes investment adjustments. It does not change the types of investments in a portfolio, only the percentage of the portfolio invested in a particular asset class, the announcement said.

XTF Advisors can over- or under-weight specific asset classes depending upon changing market conditions. If the model indicates that equity markets are strong, more money will be shifted into equities. If equities look weak, more money will be shifted into fixed income, the news release explained.

“Securian Signal allows our advisers to meet client needs in a particularly vigorous way. Integrating asset allocation, ETF investing, and behavioral finance, Securian Signal allows clients to look to the long term while also having a built-in tactical decision process,” said George Connolly, president and CEO, Securian Financial Services. “It brings new direction and precision to the traditional investment account.”