Schwab Rolls Out Two New Laudus Funds

Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc., (CSIM) is further expanding its relationship with Mondrian Investment Partners Limited to offer two new funds to the Laudus Mondrian lineup.

CSIM began its relationship with Mondrian, a London-based international investment specialist, in November 2007 with the Laudus Mondrian Emerging Markets Fund and the Laudus Mondrian International Fixed Income Fund (see Schwab Unveils Two Equity Offerinigs).

Two new international equity and global equity funds are available today, according to a press release.

The Laudus Mondrian International Equity Fund (ticker: LIEQX) will invest primarily in large-capitalization equity securities of developed international companies. The Laudus Mondrian Global Equity Fund (ticker: LGEQX) will invest primarily in securities of both U.S. and non-U.S. issuers, and might also invest in emerging markets companies, according to the release.

Each fund is available in three share classes: an Investor class with an initial minimum investment of $100 and a net expense ratio of 1.40%; a Select class with a minimum initial investment of $50,000 and net expense ratio of 1.12%; and an Institutional class with a minimum $500,000 investment and net expense ratio of 1.05%.

“Both international and global equity are successful and long-standing capabilities at Mondrian, and large institutions around the world have benefited from their expertise in these areas,” said David Hogan, client portfolio manager at CSIM, in the release. “With the launch of these new Laudus Mondrian funds, we can offer that expertise to RIAs and individual investors, giving them access to high-quality managers who strive to uncover value wherever it is around the world.’

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