Schwab Offers Health Care for Independent Advisers

Schwab Institutional on Monday announced a new relationship with national human resources outsourcing company TriNet to provide health care and benefit services for independent investment advisers and their employees.

As part of the relationship with TriNet, advisers who custody assets with Schwab will now be able to receive health and life insurance, payroll services, and company retirement and employee incentive plans from TriNet at preferred rates, according to a press announcement. The human resources outsourcing service is part of Schwab Institutional’s GrowthPoint practice management program.

The new service enables independent advisers to work with a single vendor to establish and administer multiple services, which may include medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as long-and short-term disability insurance, and 401(k) plans. TriNet assumes responsibility for administering certain human resource functions, such as employee benefits and payroll, worker’s compensation, labor and wage compliance, employment tax filings, and employee files, the announcement said.

TriNet also has dedicated consultants to work with advisers to select the appropriate benefits package.

There are no minimum employee requirements, providing an offering to small firms that may not otherwise have access to such services. The offering may also be of interest to advisers who are making the transition to becoming independent investment advisers.

For more information on the new offering through Schwab Institutional and TriNet, advisers may call 1-877-687-4085.