Retirement Calculator Helps Illustrate Investor’s Savings Program

Plan Member Securities has teamed with TRAK (The Retirement Analysis Kit) to create the Personal Retirement Calculator (PRC) - an illustration tool with Plan Member's proprietary investment recommendations and risk questionnaire bundled with TRAK features.
A news release from the Carpinteria, California-based Plan Member Securities quoted Senior Vice President of Marketing Richard Ford as saying that pending sweeping regulatory changes made getting good field illustration software more crucial than ever before.

“With our marketplace environment in unprecedented transition, we needed software that could get our reps thoroughly prepared for productive face time with their clients,” said Ford in the news release.

The news release said being able to offer better illustration software is part of an overall strategy to allow Plan Member, an independent broker dealer, to better service new advisers and their more veteran counterparts.

“Newer reps get a quick start with us through our Business Development Officers with orientation and training, a personal transition plan and marketing support,” Ford said.

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