Putnam Releases Revised Sponsor Site

Putnam Investments has launched an enhanced Web site for sponsors of defined contribution plans. 

A Putnam news release said the site offers an online dashboard that gives sponsors access to information about their plan, its investments, its expenses, and its participants. The data and related analytical tools can help sponsors manage their plan more effectively and control their costs, Putnam said.  

“We have developed a new plan sponsor Web site that is designed to help employers manage their retirement plans more easily and conveniently, while at the same time, approach their role more strategically and more securely fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities,”said Jeffrey R. Carney, Putnam Investments Head of Global Marketing, Products, and Retirement, in the news release. 

The site features:   

  • Customized plan dashboard to track key analytics and enable plan sponsor to take corrective action to meet plan goals;  
  • On-demand reporting and testing, which allows sponsors to generate reports instantly,measure success, and identify areas for greater focus; 
  • Fiduciary Central, an online repository of all plan documentation needed to comply with the seven year retention requirement;   
  • Putnam proprietary fund monitoring that simplifies day-to-day tracking of fund performance within the plan and proactively notifies the sponsor when action may be required; and,  
  • Alerts, forms, transactions, the sponsor’s profile, and the latest retirement plan and investing news. 

In addition to the plan sponsor site, advisers will have access to the new Putnam 401(k) Advisor Portal, and will be able to manage all their Putnam plans in one location through a single login that includes a drill down to all plan details, the company said.