Putnam Releases Retirement Savings Analysis Booklet

A booklet from Putnam Investments is expected to help individuals analyze their current retirement savings, figure out whether they are on track and, if they are not on track, how to close any shortfall.

According to a press release, the booklet helps individuals gain a better understanding of how their retirement savings will convert into income in retirement, and includes an estimate of Social Security benefits.

If individuals find a gap between their expected retirement savings and retirement needs, the booklet will suggest steps to get on track by saving more, adjusting retirement dates, or changing investment strategies. To make immediate changes to improve a retirement plan, individuals can secure help by phone, online, or using a pre-filled, pre-paid business reply card.

“The concept of a retirement check-up clearly resonates with people as evidenced by the strong response rate,” said David Tyrie, managing director of retirement services for Putnam Investments, in the press release. “By taking the time to review their retirement savings, including how it will convert into income in retirement, individuals have the opportunity right now, to adjust their strategies so they will be on track to reach their retirement goals.”

For more information visit www.putnaminvestments.com.