Prudential Web Site Focuses On Women and Finance

Prudential Financial, Inc., launched a Web site designed to help women achieve financial security.

The new Women & Money site offers advice from experts at Prudential as well as guest columnists, according to a press release from Prudential. In addition, interactive tools, calculators, and worksheets are available to help women analyze their financial situation and implement a plan to improve it.

Prudential’s recent study The Financial Experiences and Behaviors Among Women found 80% of women desire to achieve a secure retirement, but only 18% feel confident in their ability to do so (see Women Look to Advisers, Internet for Financial Information). Prudential said it launched the Women & Money site to help close the confidence gap.

Women can submit their own personal stories on the Web site, as well as read those of peers, the release said.

The Women & Money Web site is at