Pru Adds Mid-Cap Growth Funds

Prudential Retirement has added two mid-cap growth institutional sub-advised funds to its investment platform.

The new fund additions are the Mid Cap Growth/Frontier Fund, sub-advised by Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC, and the Mid Cap Growth/Westfield Fund, sub-advised by Westfield Capital Management Company, LLC. according to a news release.

According to Ric Filippelli, director, Investment Products, at Prudential Retirement, the new funds complement Prudential’s existing mid-cap growth offerings by providing $1.5 billion in additional capacity to the mid-cap growth mandate.

“Frontier Capital Management follows a ‘bottoms-up’ process–managed by a single portfolio manager–that seeks to buy stocks with significant growth potential at reasonable valuations,” said Filippelli in the announcement. “Westfield Capital Management leverages the talents of an investment committee and focuses on identifying mid-cap growth companies with broad market opportunities, accelerating earnings growth, and quality balance sheets.”

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