ProShares to Use Dow Jones Indexes for its ETFs

Dow Jones Indexes announced that 11 of its U.S. indexes have been licensed to ProShares Trust and its affiliates to serve as the basis of 22 leveraged and inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that launched on the American Stock Exchange February 1.

According to a press release from Dow Jones, the ETFs are based on nine Dow Jones U.S. Industry Indexes and two Dow Jones U.S. Subsector Indexes, which are listed as follows:

  • Dow Jones U.S. Basic Materials Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Goods Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Services Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Financials Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Health Care Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Industrials Index,
  • Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Utilities Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Subsector Index
  • Dow Jones U.S. Semiconductors Subsector Index.

“ProShares’ latest lineup of ETFs based on various Dow Jones industry and subsector indexes offers market participants a different, elevated approach to sector-style investing,’ said Michael Petronella, president of Dow Jones Indexes and Reprints, in the release. “The indexes licensed to ProShares encompass a diverse array—from the broader industry groups to the more narrowly defined subsectors.’