ProShares Launches Six More ETFs

Citing a strong demand for short or magnified exposure to the small cap market, ProShares Thursday launched six new exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The new ETFs, the first exchange traded funds in the U.S. to provide magnified or short exposure to small capitalization indexes, according to a press release, will trade on the American Stock Exchange. Each of the six new ETFs will be benchmarked to the Russell 2000 or the S&P SmallCap 600.

The six new small cap ProShares join the firm’s existing 12 ETFs, which the firm says are designed to allow investors to easily execute sophisticated strategies for managing risk and enhancing return potential.

ProShares now offers 18 ETFs that offer “Magnified,’ “Short,’ or “UltraShort’ exposure to the small, mid and large cap arena. Additionally, the press announcement said next month ProShares will add 22 more ETFs benchmarked to sector indexes.