ProNvest Launches Fintech Platform

It can cull data for advisers, banks, credit unions, insurance firms and other institutions to give an overview of a person’s defined contribution plan holdings.

A new product from retirement planning and investment services company ProNvest called Future Capital provides advisers, banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other institutions access to a client’s defined contribution (DC) assets.

ProNvest says the platform is designed to “unlock access to defined contribution assets for key partners, including advisers, banks, broker/dealers [B/Ds], credit unions and insurance companies.” ProNvest calls this “non-integrated account management” that eliminates the need for investment management firms to rely on recordkeeper integration or plan sponsor relationships to obtain asset information on DC participants.

“Future Capital is designed to help financial professionals around the country unlock assets that they’ve never had access to before,” says Jay Jumper, founder and CEO of ProNvest and Future Capital. “401(k)s and other defined contribution accounts offer a unique opportunity to identify new revenue streams, as well as retain clients who might have looked for outside solutions to managing these accounts.”