Pension Dynamics Offers ASI Portfolio Forecaster to Participants

Advisor Software, Inc., announced that Pension Dynamics Corporation will make ASI Portfolio Forecaster available to 401(k) plan participants who are using the firm’s Web-based platform.

According to a press release, ASI Portfolio Forecaster is a Web-based Monte Carlo simulator that performs 1,500 simulations of possible outcomes to model investment portfolios with user-defined cash flow goals and time horizons.

“ASI Portfolio Forecaster empowers investors to evaluate the risk of not meeting tomorrow’s retirement goals and cash flow needs,” said Neal Ringquist, president and COO of ASI, in the release. “The application will allow Pension Dynamics’ plan participants to model retirement goals in relation to different contribution and distribution levels. We are pleased to partner with Pension Dynamics to help retirement plan participants better understand their investment decisions.”

Leveraging WySTAR Global Retirement Solutions’ recordkeeping platform, Pension Dynamics designs, installs and administers 401(k) plans for employers.

More information is available at or 925.956.0505.