Online System Helps Guide Retirement Savings

A Raleigh, North Carolina, firm is offering a proprietary online system designed to help participants successfully save for retirement.

A Klein Decisions, LLC news release said its K4 Plan Goals product provides a personalized strategy for participants. The strategy is derived using a combination of automated inputs, defaults, and patented technology that can be delivered on paper or electronically.

K4 Plan Goals analytical process balances individual preferences with the probability of financial success, the company said.

The analysis considers thousands of combinations of retirement age and income, savings rates, and investment alternatives (including target date funds), and the resulting strategy serves as a savings and investment plan. The online tool then allows participants seeking more involvement to further personalize their strategy by refining specific objectives or preferences and including additional elements such as other assets.

The offering calculates the aggregate participant success rate based on current and suggested strategies for all participants, according to the company.

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