Online Payroll Firm Rolls Out Online 401(k)

An online payroll services firm is getting ready to bring a new online 401(k) offering to market.
Chicago-based online payroll service SurePayroll will soon launch a 401(k) plan, Sure401k, that is available independently or as part of its standard payroll processing service for small businesses. According to a press release, the product will allow small business owners to offer 401(k) benefits to themselves and to employees at low cost and little effort, whether the owner employs others or is the sole employee.
Other Sure401k features include:
  • A selection of nearly 300 funds, including 15 exchange-traded funds (ETFs), from companies such as Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard and more
  • Integration of a customer’s 401(k) and payroll processing
  • A Solo(k) plan for businesses whose only employees are the owners
  • Full-service recordkeeping, administration and compliance testing
Additional Services
In addition to its payroll and ClickFREE tax file and pay service, which, according to a press release, allows a user to complete the entire payroll process in minutes, SurePayroll provides HR and compliance resources, workers’ compensation products and 401(k) retirement solutions designed specifically for small businesses.
SurePayroll also offers a private-label and co-branded payroll service to accounting and banking partners to offer payroll processing to their small business clients.
You can find out more about these services at