NRP Offers Customized SalesForce CRM System

National Retirement Partners (NRP) linked with to develop a customized client relationship management solution (CRM).

National Retirement Partners, Inc. has partnered with to offer the solution, enabling advisers to manage their office and every aspect of the customer lifecycle, according to a press release.

The system is designed to be a central location for advisers, organized as they choose. The features on the NRP CRM system include unlimited document storage; weekly commissions at a glance per client; live fund research; investment analytics integration; fiduciary document storage and retrieval system; and profitability analytics on a per client basis.

Using the Enterprise version of, which allows for the integration of outside data fields, NRP says it has created a one-stop tool for virtually all client servicing needs—from plan benchmarking, investment due diligence, fiduciary monitoring, and client profitably analysis to the most basic client scheduling activities.

The release of the NRP CRM application on the platform comes after more than a year of research and development, the company said. The system has been in extensive use over the past several months by a few NRP Member Firms across the country who provided their ideas and input regarding features and functionality for the system.

NRP Member firm Pensionmark Retirement Group was one of the initial firms to test the new system. “The major advantage is that the NRP CRM solution is customized specifically to the needs of the pension-focused adviser,’ said Troy Hammond, Pensionmark CEO and President, in the release. “Being able to integrate the investments and commissions into the CRM system is huge for us. The advisers who are going to thrive in the retirement plan industry will have to deliver a high level of service extremely efficiently. “

The NRP plans to enhance the system by allowing advisers’ clients the access to extract documents on demand. Further enhancements and features are continually in development and based on the input from NRP application users, the company says.