NorthStar Updates Adviser Desktop

NorthStar Systems International has launched NorthStar 5.0, an updated version of its adviser desktop program.

NorthStar 5.0 streamlines wealth workflows, enables advises to better manage clients and products, and leverages Customer Relationship Management data, according to a press release.

According to the company, features of the updated software include:

  • Straight Through Processing for Wealth Managers – Specifically, NorthStar 5.0 automatically pulls investor profiling information into every step of the wealth lifecycle, such as asset allocation, investment proposal, and portfolio construction, thereby eliminating data re-entry, improving adviser productivity, and ensuring suitability of client portfolios.
  • Enterprise-class, active Client Hierarchy – Advisers dynamically navigate a graphical, hierarchical representation of a client’s financial network including relationships, portfolios, accounts, and products. The Client Hierarchy enables advisers to focus on real decision-makers and take immediate action through NorthStar’s signature 360-degree client views.
  • Firm-wide Product Catalog, spanning all product types – Advisers can access banking, insurance and alternative investment vehicles. The Product Catalog includes a unique Product Finder and Product Cart where advisers can locate, track and compare financial instruments they are entitled to sell. Advisers can become instant product experts by uploading talking points and other marketing materials.
  • Entitlement-driven integration with firm’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – NorthStar 5.0 seamlessly passes client information, client service events, entitlements, and security policies already set up in the firm’s CRM system to NorthStar. Once CRM is linked to NorthStar 5.0, advisers no longer need to be trained on disparate applications nor re-key client data.

Other updated features include configurable risk questionnaires, more personalized investment proposals, richer portfolio analytics to identify compliant, suitable products to recommend, and enhanced reporting.

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