Northern Funds Added to PFPC’s AdvisorCentral Portal

PFPC, a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., has added Northern Funds to its AdvisorCentral portal.
The AdvisorCentral portal is an online tool for financial advisers and broker/dealers providing aggregated mutual fund and 529 account information. Northern Funds is a family of mutual funds managed by Northern Trust Corporation.
According to the announcement, AdvisorCentral aggregates client information from approximately 50 industry-leading mutual fund companies and six transfer agencies, representing 48 million accounts. Financial professionals can use the portal to consolidate individual accounts into customized client portfolios, check prices, build transaction histories, and execute on transactions involving redemptions and exchanges.
Eric Schweitzer, senior vice president with Northern Trust, said, in the announcement, “Our participation in this centralized source of account data can expedite the adviser’s collection of data, enhance their analytics, facilitate certain types of transactions and potentially reduce demands on our own customer service resources.’
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