Data & Research

Few Workers Have Adviser-Driven Retirement Plan

Only 16% of respondents surveyed by Thrivent Financial Services for Lutherans said they had undertaken a formal retirement planning process with an adviser, though 34% said they had done serious calculations of their retirement needs on their own.

Employer Provided Financial Advice Welcomed by Workers

Seven out of 10 respondents to a recent poll said they would be moderately or very interested in one-on-one financial planning if offered through their employer and nearly nine in 10 (87%) said a financial planning benefit would make them feel their employer values their efforts.

Vacation “Spots″

If you’re having trouble getting folks on the phone, or finding them in the office – odds are they are taking a summer vacation.

Yanks a Lot

For years, football’s Dallas Cowboys called themselves “America’s Team″, but baseball has long regarded itself as the nation’s national pastime.

Auto IRAs Could Help 48 Million Americans Save

With bills pending in both the U.S. Senate and House encouraging employers to sponsor auto-enrolled IRAs, an AARP-sponsored study says such a vehicle would help as many as 48 million workers amass enough of a retirement nest egg.