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Employer Provided Financial Advice Welcomed by Workers

Seven out of 10 respondents to a recent poll said they would be moderately or very interested in one-on-one financial planning if offered through their employer and nearly nine in 10 (87%) said a financial planning benefit would make them feel their employer values their efforts.

Retirement Plans Include Work for Many

Only one-third (34%) of workers in a recent poll by Robert Half Management Resources said they plan to quit work entirely when they are ready to retire.

Ill Wills?

Feeling a bit under the weather?

Traditional Retirement Stool Needs New Leg, Says Prudential

Americans need to add a fourth leg to the traditional “three-legged stool″ paradigm to properly prepare themselves for life after their full-time work lives come to an end, according to the financial services firm.

Economists Predict Bright Future for 401(k) Wealth

A research paper authored by a trio of university economists argues that most of the concerns that Americans’ retirement savings are insufficient to pay for their golden years are overstated.

Vanguard and Fidelity Rated As Best DC Web Sites

Fidelity Investments snagged the top overall spot in Kasina’s ranking of defined contribution plan Web sites for participants, while the Vanguard Group came in first for plan sponsors.

Participation Rates Slip in Fidelity Survey

Fidelity Investments’ latest study of its defined contribution clients showed that corporate DC employees overall are on track to have an income replacement of just 17%.

Vacation “Spots″

If you’re having trouble getting folks on the phone, or finding them in the office – odds are they are taking a summer vacation.

Federal Laws Don’t Offer Clarity on Retirement Age

Workers who are confused about when to retire cannot look for clarity from Social Security, Medicare, and pension laws, because those three groups offer conflicting incentives to retire earlier or later than the traditional retirement age.

DB Closures Generally Paired with DC Improvements

Although a majority of defined benefit plan sponsors have either closed the plan to new hires or frozen it for all participants in the last two years, most of those sponsors have also bettered their 401(k) offering.

Yanks a Lot

For years, football’s Dallas Cowboys called themselves “America’s Team″, but baseball has long regarded itself as the nation’s national pastime.

Auto IRAs Could Help 48 Million Americans Save

With bills pending in both the U.S. Senate and House encouraging employers to sponsor auto-enrolled IRAs, an AARP-sponsored study says such a vehicle would help as many as 48 million workers amass enough of a retirement nest egg.

Top Financial Goal for Boomers is Lifetime Income

On average, baby boomers expect to retire by age 63; however, most are not planning for 30 or more years in retirement and nearly half (44%) have not calculated a target income goal.

Professional Advice Calms Anxiety about Retirement

Those who have consulted a financial professional about retirement planning are much more likely to say they are comfortable or confident about retirement than those who have not (78% vs. 58%).