IMHO: What Lies Ahead

If 2010 was not quite the return to “normal” we might have hoped, there was more than enough—both new and old—to draw the attention of plan sponsors.   

IMHO: Naughty or Nice?

A few years back—when my kids still believed in the reality of Santa Claus—we discovered an ingenious Web site that purported to offer a real-time assessment of their "naughty or nice" status. 

IMHO: The Measure of the Plan

Not so long ago, plan sponsors gauged the success of their defined contribution offerings by a single metric: participation rate.   

IMHO: Liability Driven?

Having recently had a couple of new members join our 401(k) investment committee, I asked our investment adviser to conduct a briefing.

IMHO: Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving has been called a “uniquely American” holiday, and one on which, IMHO, it is fitting to reflect on all for which we have to be thankful. 

IMHO: “Sure” Things

In a very real sense, this has been a “rebuilding” year for many plan sponsors and participants.  

IMHO: “After” Thoughts

The morning after last week’s mid-term elections, a plan sponsor friend of mine called me up and asked me what I thought it all meant.

IMHO: Cost of Living 'Adjustment'

A couple of weeks back, the Social Security Administration announced that, for the second year in a row—but only for the second time since 1975—there would be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security recipients. 


IMHO: Interests 'Bearing'

Last week the Labor Department issued a proposal that would, by its reckoning, provide the first update to the definition of an ERISA fiduciary since shortly after the birth of the federal regulation. 


IMHO: Paper “Trail”

Last week, the Department of Labor reissued its proposed regulation on participant fee disclosure. 

IMHO: Scale Model

I’ve long had an issue with weight scales, for the perhaps obvious reason that, these days, they frequently deliver a message I’d just as soon not receive.   

IMHO: Status Quo?

Last week, during our PLANADVISER National Conference, I asked a panel of four plan sponsors if their current adviser was a fiduciary—and if that status mattered to them.  

IMHO: “Forever” More?

Last week, the Treasury Department and Department of Labor held two days of joint hearings on the subject of retirement income.   

IMHO: Listening Post

With our PLANADVISER National Conference just one week away, I found myself turning back to my notes from the PLANSPONSOR National Conference in June.   


IMHO: Double Dipping?

Last week, Fidelity published some data from their quarterly analysis of participant activity.   


IMHO: “Mandatory” Sentences

We have long lamented the reality that only about half of this nation’s workers have access to some kind of workplace-based retirement vehicle, and with good reason.