IMHO: Loan Arranging

The headlines last week were all about how new legislation had been introduced to cut down on the “leakage” from 401(k) plans. 

IMHO: Change Parse

Three things every adviser (and provider) wishes plan sponsors understood about recordkeeping conversions: 


IMHO: Out of Proportion

Without question the retirement plan industry has prospered from the long-standing practice of relying heavily – and in some situations, completely - on asset-based fees. 


IMHO: “Smoke” Signals

Plan sponsors spend a lot of time wondering—and worrying—about the “right” way to do things.   

IMHO: Rest “Room”

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of plan sponsors who have adopted automatic enrollment have chosen to default that initial deferral at 3% of pay.   

IMHO: Expert Opinions

I learned a long time ago that when it comes to things like automobile maintenance, home repair, or gardening, I’m better off hiring an expert.   

IMHO: Mixed Messages

We had wrapped up a very successful half-day adviser event ahead of our annual Awards for Excellence dinner last week.   

IMHO: Comparison “Points”

Every year about this time, we get reports from firms that purport to tell us how much time is spent in preparations for the NCAA basketball tournament—and, no, not by the teams and coaches.   

IMHO: Court Costs

Last week brought to light an aspect of 401(k) litigation that doesn’t generally get a lot of coverage—and the participant-plaintiff was presented with a $50,000 bill.


IMHO: “Conversation” Starters

There’s been a lot of talk coming from Washington of late about the need to have “an adult conversation” with the American people.


IMHO: Hire Powers

One of the first things you learn in any kind of ERISA primer is that, as a fiduciary, you are expected to conduct yourself either as if you are an expert, or hire someone to help you who is.   

IMHO: Service Charges

As Valentine’s Day looms, you have perhaps seen those increasingly ubiquitous advertisements for a certain online florist.


IMHO: Group “Therapy?"

Somewhere over the course of your academic or professional career, I’m sure you’ve been exposed to any number of group exercises.