New Mutual Funds Utilize Specialized Strategies

Jackson National Life Insurance Company has added two new portfolios to the existing lineup of mutual funds available to advisers through Jackson National Life Distributors LLC.

Jackson Funds offer seven distinct strategies, designed to address the diversification and asset growth potential needs of investors in the retirement planning process, a company announcement said. The new portfolios include the Jackson Perspective VIP Fund and the Jackson Perspective S&P 4 Fund.

The Jackson Perspective VIP Fund is a total return strategy that invests in six separate specialized strategies, including:

  • The Dow Core 5 Strategy,
  • The European 20 Strategy,
  • The Nasdaq 25 Strategy,
  • The S&P 24 Strategy,
  • The Select Small-Cap Strategy, and
  • The Value Line 30 Strategy.

The Jackson Perspective S&P 4 Fund is a capital appreciation strategy that is designed to invest in equal amounts of four separate strategies, each of which is comprised of selected common stocks within the S&P 500 Index including:

  • S&P Competitive Advantage Strategy,
  • S&P Dividend Growth & Income Strategy,
  • S&P Intrinsic Value Strategy, and
  • S&P Total Yield Strategy.

To learn more about the Jackson Funds, independent advisers can call 1.800.711.5653, financial institutions can 1.800.777.7900 ext. 8195, and regional broker/dealer firms should call 1.800.340.5653 ext. 8195. Additional information can also be found at