New Indexes Will Track Commercial Property Investments

Standard&Poor’s ( S&P ) has announced it has been chosen by Adelante Shares LLC to calculate seven custom indexes based on Adelante Shares’ proprietary classification of the real-estate sector.
The seven new indexes will serve as benchmarks for tracking various commercial property sub-sectors and investment characteristics, and will act as vehicles directing attention to commercial property investment and allocation within the U.S. economy, the announcement said. S&P will calculate the AdelanteShares Indices daily on a real-time basis.
The seven AdelanteShares Indices are:
  • AdelanteShares RE Growth Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Value Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Classics Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Kings Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Yield Plus Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Shelter Index
  • AdelanteShares RE Composite Index
Adelante is a real estate securities investment manager. More information can be found at