New Blue Ocean 401(k) Plans Use Index Mutual Funds

Blue Ocean Portfolios is launching a full service 401(k) plan that has an average annual total participant cost of 0.79% of assets, including the expense ratios of the underlying index funds.

According to the St. Louis-based company, Blue Ocean 401(k) uses index funds to construct and diversified model portfolios.

Plan sponsors pay a flat $1,200 annual fee plus $36 per employee fee for plan administration, which will be handled by Inc. and Blue Ocean.

“The solution of using index funds to build a low cost, efficiently diversified, strategic asset allocation portfolio that is rebalanced as needed is like finding the Holy Grail of investing for the average 401(k) participant,” said Joe Montanaro, an investment advisor for Huntleigh Capital Management, which directs Blue Ocean Portfolios, in a press release.

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