Natixis Global Asset Management Acquires Darius Capital Partners

Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM) has acquired a controlling interest in Darius Capital Partners.

Founded in 2004 by Reza Ghodsi, President and Managing Partner, and Mathieu Klein, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Darius is an investment advisory and research firm that provides customized hedge fund solutions to address institutional investors’ needs for transparency, liquidity, and risk management. Darius chooses from a flexible and broad range of products, including UCITs, managed accounts, hedge funds, fund of funds, hedge fund replicators, and alternative ETFs, to deliver alternative investment solutions to its clients. 

Darius is headquartered in Paris with offices in New York. 

Pierre Servant, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Global Asset Management, said in the announcement: “Darius is the first pure investment advisory and consulting firm we have added to the NGAM multi-boutique model. With Darius’s specialized expertise, sophisticated tools and open architecture approach, NGAM further expands the ability to provide alternatives investment advice to institutions, regardless of the ultimate solution required.” 

Darius will help expand NGAM’s alternatives’ range in Europe, an area where the firm has gained momentum over the last year with the acquisition of French-based ETF provider OSSIAM and London-based H2O Asset Management.