Nationwide Launches Inflation-Protected Securities Fund

Subadvised by Nationwide Asset Management, the fund aims to offer inflation protection as well as liquidity and a low-risk option.

“Inflation-protected securities play a crucial role in lowering volatility in an investor’s long-term asset-allocation strategy,” said Michael Spangler, president of Nationwide Funds Group. “The Nationwide Inflation-Protected Securities Fund provides an additional hedge against future inflation without requiring investors to take on additional credit risk.”

The fund will also be available to the portfolio managers of the Nationwide Target Destination Funds, Nationwide’s family of target-date funds. The majority of the fund’s assets will be invested in Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS).

“This new fund broadens the reach of our product offerings and allows investors in our Target Destination Funds to achieve better volatility management,” Spangler said. “We feel investors will benefit from the additional diversification and potential protection from inflation they can achieve by investing in the Nationwide Inflation-Protected Securities Fund.”

Nationwide Funds, a company of Nationwide Insurance, manages 86 funds with $42 billion in assets.