Mutual of Omaha Unveils Fiduciary Support Service

A partnership between Mutual of Omaha and Mesirow Financial will offer plan sponsors access to fiduciary services including investment guidance and monitoring, the companies announced.

A plan sponsor who is a Mutual of Omaha client and chooses the new fiduciary feature will get help from Mesirow Financial in choosing investment options as well as in monitoring the investments on a quarterly basis, a news release said. Mesirow Financial will serve in a co-fiduciary role.

Mutual of Omaha will offer three levels of fiduciary support:

  • Product-level support from Mutual of Omaha’s Investment Manager Oversight Committee and the consulting services of Callan Associates, Inc.
  • Plan-level support from the individual plan appointment of investment managers and the addition of the Mesirow Financial program.
  • Participant-level support from individually managed account options

“In light of the increasing fiduciary obligations that today’s plan sponsors face, we are pleased to offer another level of support through our arrangement with Mesirow Financial,’ said Bud Wright, senior vice president of retirement plans at Mutual of Omaha, in the announcement. “This new feature will complement the umbrella of fiduciary support our plan sponsors already receive, giving them added peace of mind.’