Most Trying to Avoid the Flu

With the flu season having arrived, a new poll illustrates that many employees are taking their own precautions to avoid becoming ill at the workplace.

A ComPsych news release said 70% of respondents reported changing their everyday habits because of the flu danger. Almost half of employees have adopted an “avoidance” strategy, forgoing handshakes and the touching of workplace surfaces to stay healthy. However, about 3 out of 10 say they have not made any changes to their habits.

Asked whether they’ve grown more careful about their health in recent months, respondents said:

  • Yes, I am more likely to wash my hands/avoid touching people or workplace surfaces – 47%
  • Yes, I am more inclined to get a flu shot – 16%
  • Yes, I am more likely to stay home/keep family members home if there are flu symptoms – 8%.
  • No, my habits haven’t changed – 29%

“The workplace is an essential environment for encouraging people to stay healthy,” said Richard A. Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych, an employee assistance program provider, in the news release. “While the survey results are a good indication that employees are responding to public health advice, employers should take note of the nearly 30% who are not inclined to change health behavior even in the face of a pandemic.”