Morningstar Releases App for Advisers

The free app will allow advisers to tap into clients’ overall asset allocation, return, risk and market value across accounts in real time.

Morningstar Research has released the Morningstar for Advisers App, which can sync to client accounts and portfolios while providing access to investment information from the Morningstar Advisor Workstation. 

The free app will allow advisers to monitor, display and analyze client holdings in real time.

“Industry trends, including advancing technology and an ever-changing regulatory environment, are driving a fundamental shift in the way advisers interact with their clients,” says Scott Mackenzie, president and CEO for Morningstar Research. “In particular, as a result of the CRM2 implementation in mid-July 2016, the spotlight on investment fees means that advisers must be able to demonstrate their value in terms that their clients can easily understand. Advisers who can do this, leveraging interactive tools like the Morningstar for Advisors iPad app, are going to have a significant advantage.”

The app will allow advisers to view an aggregate summary of a client’s overall asset allocation, return, risk and market value across accounts. Advisers can also download and view previously generated client summary and portfolio reports.

In addition, the Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray tool will provide detailed data on the allocation and sector breakdown of the holdings in the portfolio.

To download the free app via iTunes, click here.