Morningstar Announces Tool for Adviser Web Sites

Morningstar has unveiled Morningstar Site Builder, a Web-based platform consisting of Morningstar’s financial adviser tools, content, and reports that investment firms can add to their existing adviser Web sites.

Site Builder includes Morningstar investment research, portfolio analysis tools, and sales and educational materials to augment firms’ online Web properties, Morningstar said. Site Builder can be integrated into an existing Web site’s framework to encompass a firm’s brand identity, design elements, and style sheets, according to an announcement.

Firms can select from these reports and presentations for their sites:

  • Hypothetical Illustrator,
  • Portfolio Analysis,
  • Portfolio Comparison,
  • Fund Comparison,
  • Stock Intersection,
  • Investment Detail Reports,
  • Fund Profile Pages,
  • Fund Cost Comparison,
  • Share Class Cost Comparison,
  • Fund Screener,
  • Find Similar Funds,
  • Retirement and College Savings Calculator,
  • Retirement Income Illustrator, and
  • Ibbotson Presentations and Sales Ideas.

“Investment companies acknowledge that the Web is playing an increasingly important role in wholesaling activities and in delivering useful product information to financial advisers,’ said Chris Boruff, president of Morningstar’s adviser business, in the news release. “A strong online presence is an essential part of a fund company’s marketing, education, and service strategy to help advisers and, in turn, end-investors. With that, it’s critical for firms to differentiate themselves and provide more dynamic content to engage advisers.’