Morningstar Adds Strategies to Managed Portfolios Program

Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. (MIS) introduced a suite of new strategies to Morningstar Managed Portfolios, including active/passive, momentum ETF, and global tactical ETF portfolios.

Morningstar Managed Portfolios is a fee-based discretionary investment management program offered exclusively through financial advisers. The new strategies implement methodologies developed by Ibbotson Associates. MIS and Ibbotson are registered investment advisers within Morningstar’s Investment Management division. The portfolios include Active/Passive Portfolios, Momentum EFT Portfolios, and Global Tactical ETF Portfolio.

“These new portfolios leverage the best ideas and latest research from across Morningstar’s Investment Management division,” said Thomas Idzorek, Chief Investment Officer and Research Director for the Morningstar Investment Management division. “All three new strategies start with robust Ibbotson asset allocations and then attempt to add additional value through active-risk budgeting or tactical modeling to exploit the momentum anomaly or momentum and mean reversion patterns.”

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