MG Advisory Demographic Report for Advisers Includes Plan Fund Data

MG Advisory Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Matrix Settlement&Clearance Services, LLC, has announced the release of its new Plan Demographic Report for advisers and third-party administrators (TPAs) that combines participant/plan data with fund data, in an open architecture environment.

Features of the Plan Demographic Report, according to the announcement, include:

  • Plan Design – Details plan highlights, TPA and adviser contact information and one-year benchmarked returns for the plan.
  • Plan Demographics – Shows participant asset allocations, plan participation rates, participant deferral rates, number of funds held by participants, and average loan balances. All information is shown by participant age band.
  • Capital Market Review – A financial markets and economic analysis for the past year. Reviews the domestic equity markets, international markets, and the fixed income market. This section will also contain a market outlook for the coming quarters.
  • Core Fund Review – Will compare the plan assets performance/risk to the appropriate benchmarks. This section will also detail how many participants own each mutual fund and the asset value of those holdings.

The report is a hybrid product that allows a TPA or adviser to enable customers to select a “best of breed’ line of products without having to deal with multiple reports and vendors, while reducing overall operating costs for the TPA and adviser.

“Advisors spend a good deal of time and energy putting together spreadsheets that combine plan level asset detail with fund performance and at the end of the day, it looks cobbled together. With Prima Capital, we are in a unique position to build it for them,’ said Stewart Cohune, President, MG Advisory, in the announcement.