MetLife Offers Retirement Readiness Workbook

The MetLife Mature Market Institute is offering its “Retirement Readiness Workbook,” a free tool to help people prepare for and transition into retirement smoothly.

The workbook has checklists and directives to assist people in assessing their own level of preparation and planning. According to a press release, it is divided into three parts: 1) 15 Tasks Toward a Successful Transition into Retirement, 2) Assessing Your Retirement Readiness, and 3) Taking Action.   

Users can score their own retirement preparedness and will then be directed to certain activities to help them improve their level of participation. Recommendations vary by the amount of time one has until retirement.   

The announcement said the workbook focuses on the following issues:  

  • When to retire and the potential for transition to part-time work, 
  • How leisure and work will be balanced in retirement, 
  • How retirement will affect one’s relationships, 
  • How much money/income will be needed for retirement, and 
  • Contingency planning for the unexpected. 


The workbook (see “Retirement Readiness Workbook“) is a companion piece to the recently released study, “MetLife Retirement Readiness Index: Are Americans Prepared for the Transition?,” which found 52% of respondents are behind in their savings goals (see “MetLife Finds Americans not Prepared for Retirement“).