Merrill Program Helps Workers Save for Retirement

The Merrill Lynch Retirement Group has introduced a new communication program, Achieve Life, for workers in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

A Merrill news release said the program is designed to help workers appreciate their company benefits, understand the need to save for retirement, motivate them to take action, and help them make the appropriate choices for their retirement savings.

The company said the offering includes targeted communications campaigns, an interactive e-kit, printed materials, and online communications—including podcasts, webinars, e-mails, Merrill Lynch’s Benefits Online Web site, and workplace presentations.

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According to Merrill, the program delivers targeted messages that include the need to:

  • maximize company benefits by increasing savings regularly and contributing at least to matching levels;
  • invest wisely by diversifying among asset classes, rebalancing periodically, and adjusting asset allocation based on changing age and/or financial circumstances;
  • set and monitor retirement plan goals, to ensure employees stay on track to financial success;
  • protect accumulated assets through asset allocation programs and distribution strategies.

Merrill said the program includes a “Managing Your Career Transition Guide,’ which provides insights and resources to help employees assess their options.