Meridian Offers Investment Advice to 401(k) Participants

Meridian Business Group is offering advice to 401(k) plan participants who are unsure how to allocate funds, balance their investments, or investigate investment options through its Retirement Asset Management Plan (RAMPlan).

After a participant completes an investment profile sheet, Meridian will determine the individual’s risk tolerance and personal financial goals, and provide an overall investment summary, according to a press release from the company.

The firm said it will then research all the funds available to that particular investor under his or her current 401(k) plan, monitor the funds daily, and provide updated information and advice based on the investor’s goals, 401(k) performance, and market conditions.

In addition, every three months or as often as needed, Meridian will send clients an updated recommended allocation based on ongoing research, market conditions and any changes in situation about which a client has notified them.

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