Mellon Offers Derivative Valuation Service to Institutional Clients

Mellon Financial Corporation has introduced its independent, over-the-counter (OTC) derivative valuation service for institutional clients.

According to a Mellon news release, the service can provide valuations for a wide range of swaps and options. “The market is moving toward suppliers that can provide independent valuations for a wide range of OTC derivatives besides the two most common, interest rate swaps and credit default swaps,” Daniel Wywoda, senior vice president, Mellon’s Asset Servicing group, said in the release.

Wywoda pointed out Mellon “can obtain valuations for default basket swaps, total return swaps, currency swaps and inflation swaps, among others.” He also said additional developments planned in the next 18 months include enhanced derivatives reporting, transaction processing, and risk and collateral management.

Mellon’s Asset Servicing group is comprised of Eagle Investment Systems, DPM Mellon, Mellon Analytical Solutions, and its joint venture partnerships – ABN AMRO Mellon and CIBC Mellon.

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