MBIA Asset Management to Launch Two Inflation Protected Funds

MBIA Asset Management plans to launch two new inflation protected, open-ended funds designed for institutional investors, pension funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

According to a press release, the MBIA Municipal Bond Inflation Fund is set to launch in early November and the MBIA Multi-Sector Inflation Protection fund in set to launch in early 2008.

The municipal bond fund will get an initial funding of $25 million and will create a municipal bond portfolio which guards against inflation, similar to the protection provided by Treasury Inflation-Protection Securities (TIPS).

The municipal bond fund gives investors access to municipal inflation protected securities or MIPS, which are a growing but still relatively small part of the bond market. In order to increase the available supply of MIPS, the fund will synthetically create MIPS by overlaying inflation swaps on a diversified portfolio of municipal bonds, which the company says will provide investors with higher inflation-adjusted returns and better diversification than natural MIPS.

The MBIA Multi-Sector Inflation Protection Fund is designed to provide well-diversified exposure to the commodities, TIPS and real estate sectors. Each provides a slightly different form of protection at different phases of the inflationary cycle. This fund gives the investor exposure to the three primary inflation hedging sectors.

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