MassMutual Reports Success with Wireless Enrollment Product

MassMutual's handheld e4 technology has delivered an average on-site enrollment rate of 92% among those who previously were not contributing.

Since its introduction in 2005, MassMutual’s e4—which stands for Electronic Enhanced Enrollment Experience—technology has delivered an average on-site enrollment rate of 90%, but the most recent data indicates that number has climbed even higher.

The e4 system allows participants to use hand-held Pocket PCs with their personal information to simulate the experience of enrolling on the Web. MassMutual’s communication specialists can then use the information to customize their instructions to plan participants (see MassMutual to Release Wireless Enrollment Product).

According to a MassMutual press release, among participants who were not contributing prior to an e4 meeting, 92% now enroll during the meeting at an initial average contribution rate of 5.3%. “If individuals aren’t participating, e4 is highly successful in engaging them to do so because it’s easy and fun,” said Ian Sheridan, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer for MassMutual’s Retirement Services Division, in the release.

Enhancements to the original e4 system include the option to elect a Roth contribution, compatibility with both 401(k) and nonprofit plans, and the ability for participants to elect any target retirement date investment option offered by the plan. MassMutual said it has also started a pilot that leverages the e4 technology to deliver the experience on devices such as cell phones and other personal digital assistants (PDAs).

More information is available at or 888-626-4911.