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Must a plan’s security policies meet the duty of prudence?

Continued Growth

Hybrid QDIAs are evolving to offer a source of retirement income.

Active vs. Passive Enrollment

Open-enrollment month, when workers rethink their benefits, might be just the time to remind them to save for retirement.

Rolling Into IRAs

A new DC plan may be the better choice when a person changes jobs.

What’s Next?

This issue covers end-of-year improvements, such as helping clients start a rainy-day savings program, adding women advisers to one’s practice, and getting ideas from peer respondents to our Practice Benchmarking Survey—plus much more.

The Right Context

The approximately 25%—vs. 41%—of workers who struggle to pay everyday bills are the group that we should target.

Foul Weather Fund

The value of ­facilitating ­emergency savings accounts at the workplace.

In the Near Future

Just a matter of time before retirement income becomes widespread, experts say.

NQDC Guidance

Advisers can help clients navigate the complexity of these supplemental plans.


Advisory practices can be good candidates for ESOPs.

An Engagement Chain

Linking participants to their online account from digital communications.

Fund Lineup Sizing

Both pluses and minuses to increasing or reducing plan investment menus, research says.

Talking Points

2020 Contribution and Benefit Limits Source: Internal Revenue Service *Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees. Distribution of Social Security Claiming Ages, by Gender †Full retirement age. Source: Center for...