MA Firm Launches Plan Advice Offering

A Newton, Massachusetts firm, I-Pension LLC, has launched a new retirement plan investment advice program.

An I-Pension news release said it will match 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plan account investors to a model that reflects their temperament, time horizon, and outlook. The firm also will perform daily monitoring to make sure the accounts are kept on track using a rules-based rebalancing system.

I-Pension works directly with the employee and accepts fiduciary responsibility for the employee’s account, the announcement said.

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Account holders are charged a flat rate based on account balances: $1.00 a day for accounts of $40,000 or more and $.50 a day for accounts under $40,000.

“Our goal is simple,” explains Jane Mancini, CEO of I-Pension, in the news release. “We want to help people save for retirement and then help ensure that their savings can support them through all the years of retirement.”

More information is available at